Wall Art by IXXI

Choose your favourite images from the collections of famous brands, museums, photographers and illustrators. You get to decide on the size, shape and cropping in order to make the perfect wall decoration. Within this great number of possibilities, you will also find a selection of specials: these products were specially designed by and for IXXI and can be ordered directly in a fixed size.

IXXI offers a unique collection in collaboration with prominent brands, talented designers, photo agencies and prominent museums such as Disney, National Gallery London, Getty Images, MAI, Miffy, Studio Boot and Museo Nacional del Prado. That’s how design becomes accessible to a large audience.

The IXXI Star Wars Collection

After the start of a collaboration with Disney in September 2015 and the release of the new Star Wars movie ‘The Force Awakens’ in December 2015, there inevitably had to be an IXXI x Star Wars collection. With the help of The Force an extraordinary collection arose, in which Star Wars icons were introduced into the world of design.

Double sided specials such as Stormtrooper / Darth Vader and the Star Wars Galaxy display how IXXI’s flexibility, and offer unique Star Wars wall art. The Stormtrooper / Darth Vader shows Darth Vader on one side and a Stormtrooper on the other. But you could also combine both faces! The Star Wars Galaxy special enables you to create your own galaxy around a blueprint of an AT-AT Walker. In the image bank you can create a collage or an enlargement of the vehicles and space ships.

Almond Blossom Wall Van Gogh

12450 Price $146.50 from $124.50

Chat Noir Wall Art - Van Gogh Museum

16500 Price $208.05 Sale $165

Chinese Wallpaper No 5 (Gold) Wall Art

21000 Price $250.91 Sale $210

Harmony Wall Art

20880 Price $245.68 Sale $208.80

IXXI Banana Leaf Wall Art

12440 Price $146.36 from $124.40

IXXI Flamingo (Finch-Davies) Wall Art

13330 Price $156.82 from $133.30

IXXI Frida Pixel Wall Art

23400 Price $299 Sale $234

IXXI Henri Rousseau Surprised! Wall Art

21800 Price $245.68 Sale $218

IXXI Loco Wink Wall Art

12600 Price $149 Sale $126

IXXI Never Grow Up..

19900 Price $240 Sale $199

IXXI Oceania Map Wall Art

14900 Price $175 Sale $149

IXXI Star Wars Chewbacca Wall Art

11550 Price $135.91 from $115.50

IXXI Star Wars Stormtrooper/ Darth Vader Wall Art

13330 Price $156.82 from $133.30

IXXI Star Wars Yoda Wall Art

11500 Price $135.91 from $115