Orla Kiely Available in NZ

July 18, 2016 Anna Cuthbert

Orla Kiely is an internationally renowned designer, whose creative world was founded in 1995 to express visually her love for pattern, colour and texture. Her graphic approach to simplify and stylise everyday motifs alongside clean orderly repeat constructions achieves a very modern style, while her love for all things mid-century brings a warm nostalgic quality, creating a brand that has become a byword for inspirational design.

Anyone who knows me will know my love for Orla Kiely designs from her clothing to handbags to home decoration! Now she has joined forces with Harlequin to create a striking collection of bold and beautiful non-woven wallpapers, which for the first time will is available here in New Zealand

You can find our selection of Orla Kiely Collections here:


Orla Kiely’s Designs Are Incredibly Haute and Impossibly Cool 

Based out of London, Orla Kiely has been a world-wide sensation since the mid-90’s. Concentrating on wallpaper and graphic design, Kiely pursued a degree from the National College of Art and Design in Dublin and later received a master's degree from the Royal College of Art. It is quite obvious that her love for all things graphic has had staying power throughout her remarkable career. (There has even been a postage stamp created from her incredible work!) She has expanded her lifestyle brand to include everything from handbags and stationery, to clothing and accessories - but it is pretty safe to say her first love still lies in designing for interiors.

Orla’s designs offer up a bit of whimsy with a serious nod toward the era of mod. Colourful, yet comfortable, they add a burst of fun to any room with even the smallest addition of her décor products. You can tell this very stylish lady with impeccable taste, loves a bit of thoughtful nostalgia with a modern twist. Best of all, investing in Orla Kiely products doesn’t mean that they have to be treated with kidd gloves. They are crafted with every-day use in mind, so don’t underestimate their function because of their fabulous aesthetic.

If you are over going through book after book and website after website of interior images that make you yawn - then you have found your wonder brand! Keep clicking here for inspiration for your home that will make your spaces pop and jaws drop. Orla Kiely is now available in New Zealand straight from the UK with those signature graphics that are uniquely her own. A combination of design perfection and patterns from the past with have you immediately besotted.

Orla Kiely Wallpaper

Goodbye boring white walls, we won’t miss you at all! Vanilla bland spaces have met their match in these offerings from Orla Kiely Wallpapers. You might be surprised how even one wall decked out in a colourful design can breathe new life into a room that once wouldn’t normally get a second glance. Often inspired by nature, you will see things like birds, florals, leaves, trees and animals presented in a whimsical way that is ever so stylish. These non-woven wonders are available in different sizes and you are totally encouraged to request a sample (or two). Ordering through us can also mean discounts on some popular designs that will make you and your décor budget delighted.

Orla Kiely Linen

Looking for something vibrant to compliment your bedroom and also give you a good night’s rest? Selecting something chic does not mean having to compromise on comfort or durability thanks to Orla Kiely Bed Linens. Bold and elegant prints make boring bedding a thing of the past and you will want to dive right into their rich feel for a rest. Available in single size for kid’s beds or larger sizes for shared sleep spaces, Orla Kiely has just what you need in beautiful bedding. Matching pillowcases and accent pillows complete the look and add a bit of refinement. Reversible designs in repeated patterns or colours means that you can change things up every now and again with a bit of a flip - without having to invest in something new. Crafted from 100% woven cotton and a-200 thread count, the fabric has a soft hand creating a flannel texture – get ready for some seriously sweet dreams.

Kitchen and Outdoor Entertaining

Make your kitchen table shine every day for family and friends with Orla Kiely Kitchen Design pieces. We all know that a bit of sophistication in presentation can make food and drink taste better and this clever and cool kitchenware will do the trick. Orla’s earthenware isn’t just a bit of heaven on your table, it’s durable and dishwasher safe too. Look to her pitchers, dishes and tea pots to add a bit of whimsy to your meals.

Not to be ignored are your indoor shelves just screaming for some greenery that will look gorgeous in Orla Kiely’s earthenware herb pots and stem vases. You don’t need to do a total overhaul to give your bathroom a new look – simply add one these cute soap holders or tumblers for a quick squish after you brush. These awesome items also make incredible hostess, wedding and thank you gifts for that special someone who’s into a little light-hearted décor.

Orla’s Outdoor “Can’t Live Withouts”

New Zealanders love their warm and sunny outdoor time. Of course, you need some signature things to express your personal sense of style when soaking up some rays. If you like to entertain on your deck, by the pool or while hosting a picnic - you can no longer live without Orla Kiely’s melamine collection.

These trays, pitchers and glasses will be the envy of the neighbourhood as you pour and serve delicious cool drinks in even cooler containers. Don’t forget a bit of bold colour and pattern as you head toward the water.

Orla Kiely’s towels are vibrant, lively and suited for both beach and pool time.